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Gavrylyuk plays at Gergiev Festival

NRC Netherlands
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra/ Valeriy Gergiev, De Doelen

"... Gavrylyuk has the light-frantic flair that perfectly matches with Prokofiev..."

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By Merlijn Kerkhof and Joep Stapel

NRC, September 2016

"Last year the Gergiev festival programmed all the Rachmaninoff piano concerti on one day. This year, the festival programmed all Five piano concerti of Prokofiev, to whom this 21rst edition was dedicated. Prokofiev is prickly and far less cuddly than Rachmaninov is. But the energy that derives from his works will leave on one untouched (unmoved) and with Gergiev as a specialist and public’s favourite, the festival again was a huge success. The unexpected climax of this Saturdays piano marathon was piano concerto no. 2, that is known as technically one of the most challenging of the repertoire. For this concerto, the old master Toradze was flown in, who entered the stage as if he was looking for help by crossing the street. It did not seem to go easy, leaning on the piano, loosening up his fingers a couple of times, but his performance was sensational: the opening was of an alien beauty (YB: not from this world), daredevil jumps and mood swings.  In the terrifying cadenza of the first movement, deafening brutal bashing chords were heard in an acoustic unique way, together with subtle lyricism and the toddling (YB: tripping, frisking) of elves.
The young George Li raced with spotless technique through the roller-coaster of the First piano concerto. Alexander Gavrylyuk has the light-frantic flair that perfectly matches with Prokofiev and excelled in piano concerto 4 (for the left hand) and 5..."

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