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Gavrylyuk performance with the CSO 'sensation of the season'

The Chautauquan Daily - July 16, 2007 (excerpt)

The sensationally gifted pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk has become the sensation of this season’s Chautauqua Festival. His playing of the first Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto created an audience reaction seldom experienced. It was certainly one of the most gripping performances of the work live or recorded this reviewer has ever encountered.

Ashkenazy Reveals Prokofiev's Postwar Hope

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17 November 2009 - by Peter McCallum

The pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk had a brilliant success with his performance of the Piano Concerto No. 3 in C, Opus 26, attacking the spiky articulated fingerwork of the first movement and the close of the second like one possessed. His demonic approach to the passage work of the finale is like that of a mercurial circus performer conspiring to dazzle and astonish.

Wolf Swallows Duck at Festival Swansong

The Mosman Daily - 23rd September 2009 - by Steve Moffat

The highlight of the evening was the brilliant pianism of Alexander Gavrylyuk, whose performance of the fifth piano concerto cemented his place as the new darling of Sydney audiences. As if his handling of the growing power and passion of the great larghetto wasn’t enough, the young Ukrainian-born Australian citizen crowned it all with a bravura display in his encore - Horowitz/Liszt’s thunderous variations on Mendelssohn’s wedding music.

SSO Passes the Prokoviev Test

The Australian - 24th November 2009

The festival's other soloist, pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk, was far more impressive. Prokofiev's first, third and fifth piano concertos are some of the most ferociously taxing in the repertory. Gavrylyuk easily surmounted their challenges with a seductive mixture of brilliance and sensitivity.

Pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk is the discovery of the year

Trouw 10 February 2009

None of the young pianists that made their debut in the Master Pianist series during the past years, made as big an impression as the 24 year old Alexander Gavrylyuk last Sunday. Ever since he won the Horowitz competition, the Yamaha Competition and the Arthur Rubinstein Competition, the young Ukrainian enjoyed great international fame.

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