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Concertgebouw in Trance After Masterly Performance

De Volkskrant –  11th February 2009

A rare sight indeed: the Concertgebouw audience whistling and singing as they leave the Main Hall. One particular enthusiast couldn’t hold back during the concert. He whistled steadily to the Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn, the fourth and last encore of debutante master pianist Alexander Gavrylyuk. All this cheerfulness was caused by the flow of the 24-year old prize winner: Gavrylyuk makes piano playing look astonishingly easy.

The young Gavrylyuk is already a master pianist

NRC Handelsblad – 9 February 2009

The secret of Alexander Gavrylyuk is focus. This 24 year old master pianist from Ukraine made his debut in the Master Pianists series as if he has lived three piano lives already. Whoever is capable at such a young age of playing so superior and truthful is born with the gift of divine concentration. 

An amazing rocket flew to the final

Yediot Hachonot (Y-Net) – 1 April

This time I have a wonderful contender to win the first prize: “Alexander Gavrylyuk” Ukranian, an Australian citizen. With him it’s not only that the music is brilliant – this is the creation of the music!

This child stands and touches the sky! An amazing rocket flies to the finals. A real artist! What a wonderful surprise!

When he plays, it causes me to cry, to laugh, to moan and to be cheerful. The Italian Concerto (Bach) he turns into a church of pure sounds. With him, the playing comes from within. From the intestines…that is a different Bach. A combination of Glen Gould and Angela Hewitt together. Suddenly, I saw Bach standing at the edge of the stage and smiling warmly to the ‘child’.

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