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An amazing rocket flew to the final

Yediot Hachonot (Y-Net) – 1 April

This time I have a wonderful contender to win the first prize: “Alexander Gavrylyuk” Ukranian, an Australian citizen. With him it’s not only that the music is brilliant – this is the creation of the music!

This child stands and touches the sky! An amazing rocket flies to the finals. A real artist! What a wonderful surprise!

When he plays, it causes me to cry, to laugh, to moan and to be cheerful. The Italian Concerto (Bach) he turns into a church of pure sounds. With him, the playing comes from within. From the intestines…that is a different Bach. A combination of Glen Gould and Angela Hewitt together. Suddenly, I saw Bach standing at the edge of the stage and smiling warmly to the ‘child’.

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