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Alexander Gavrylyuk | Charities & Residencies

Alexander is ambassador and advisor to these charities and organisations.

The Chautauqua Institution

Artistic Advisor

The Chautauqua Institution has appointed Alexander Gavrylyuk as Artistic Advisor of its School of Music Piano Program.

Alexander first performed at Chautauqua in 2006, and has been the only continuously re-engaged soloist to return annually since that time, performing both in solo recitals and with the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra.

During that time, Gavrylyuk has become an engaged community member, teaching master classes, spending time with Chautauquans, and even enrolling his eldest daughter in Children’s School.

According to Deborah Sunya Moore, Vice President of Programming : “Alexander is already a luminary in the Chautauqua community, providing artistic inspiration through his philosophy of connecting to people through artistic truth. By joining our leadership, Alexander brings a level of stunning artistry and commits to inspiring our students as they explore the best in human values through music.”

In his position as artistic advisor and artist-in-residence, Gavrylyuk will advise the co-chairs and Institution year-round, working collaboratively on program philosophy, guest faculty selection and recruitment, where he will focus on broadening the program’s international reach.


Theme & Variations Foundation


Theme & Variations Foundation was founded by Ara and Nyree Vartoukian, and is supported by pianists Piers Lane (patron) and Alexander Gavrylyuk (ambassador).

There are gifted young Australian pianists who have world-class talent, but not the financial resources or the opportunity to fully develop it. Our goal is to help them further their studies in Australia or overseas so they can reach their potential. Candidates need to be Australian citizens or residents aged 25 or less at the time they make their application for a grant or an award and they must be studying in Australian approved courses or institutions.

Great pianists can come from the most unexpected places. A young person may have an extraordinary gift for playing the piano but developing it may be beyond the resources of his or her family. This is where the foundation focuses its endeavours.

It is a simple enough idea: raise money and use it to nurture pianistic talent. But the execution is quite complex. The foundation has set up a fully validated trust which has been granted DGR-1 status so that any donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. It takes those donations and uses them, through a carefully structured search and assessment process, to assist young Australian pianists.


Opportunity Cambodia


Alexander has played in charity concerts for Opportunity Cambodia.

Did you know?

Cambodia is the fourth poorest country in the world

During the 1970s the  Khmer Rouge wiped out almost the entire educated middle class in Cambodia

Almost 80% of the population live in rural areas at subsistence level

70% of Cambodians live on less than USD2 per day

47% of children aged 10-14 are involved in child labour

only 6% of Cambodian villages have a lower secondary school

only 18% of  children of secondary school age  are enrolled in lower secondary school

Oka Tmay

In the Khmer language Oka Tmay means ‘new opportunity’. This is the name of the first children’s residential education centre that has been established. 

It is housed in a large traditional village house in a rural commune about 80km south of Siem Reap City. Here the children are given clothing, shelter, food and education. For more information please download the brochure below.

Donations of any size to support the welfare and education of the children are always greatly appreciated.